Handmade tableware & beautiful things for the home

Designed in Zurich, produced in small batches in Europe.

Designed in our studio

Joel is the creative mind behind Atelier Agave. As a food photographer and author of several bestselling cookbooks, he knows that the presentation of dishes is no minor matter. That's why he sat down at the potter's wheel in Zurich and designed his dream tableware. He entrusts the best models to small craft businesses that produce the tableware in series.

Ready for spring?

Andi Bolliger, Head Chef
"A dish must harmonize with a plate, the plate should not be stronger than the dish"

In use at the Rechberg 1837 restaurant in Zurich: our large pasta plate in the color Midnight Grey.

made by many hands

There are no robotic arms or assembly lines in this manufactory. Instead, there is a lot of experience, attention and care.

Before a piece comes out of the oven, it passes through the hands of many experienced craftsmen in a small factory on the Atlantic coast of Portugal.

The plate as a canvas for culinary creations

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Comparison of sizes and shapes

Do you already know our cookbooks?

That's where it all started! Joel designed this tableware primarily to be able to perfectly stage the recipes.